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This product is a VR Chat avatar unity package and will require you to have basic knowledge of unity and uploading avatars to your account. (There's plenty of tutorials out there its pretty simple)


  • Comes with a Green optimised version for events!
  • Configured twist bones for all major joints!
  • Phys bones on the Tail, Ears, Butt, Boobs (with colliders in the arms for squish) and Hair with colliders to prevent hair clipping through the chest/face!
  • Full-body ready and tested!
  • 10 different expressions with none assigned to the open/closed hand to be more quest/index controller friendly!
  • Bounding boxes have been edited to stop meshes disappearing with occlusion!
  • Reduced Clipping distance with Distance Based Darkening for getting up close and personal!
  • Basic DPS orifices set up! (Requires you to buy the DPS package first to work)
  • Improved ASL friendly hand gestures!
  • Audio Linked tiger stripes that will react and glow brighter to bass in Audio Link worlds!
  • Looking up and down animations for increased realism!
  • Uses Poiyomi 8.0 shaders for a nice mix of toon and realism that looks great in any world!
  • A TON of outfit toggles to mix and match pieces to your personal liking!
  • Change the Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Emission on the hair to make any combination of colours u want!
  • Change how much muscle definition you like on the body with an in game radial slider!
  • Extra textures images are included in the package if you want to change the skin yourself to either Tan or Dark!

Full Toggle List!


  • Mask
  • Choker
  • Waist Chains
  • Arm Chain
  • Claws
  • Necklace
  • Pasties
  • Gold (Changes all silver metal to gold! )


  • Muscles (Adjust how much definition you want!)
  • Tattoos (Toggles the black background of the stipes)
  • Cast Suit (Toggles a full latex bodysuit!)
  • White Cat Suit (Changes the black suit to white)
  • Suit Transparency (Changes how transparent the Black Cat Suit is with a Radial adjust)


  • Panties
  • High Boots
  • Boots
  • Shorts
  • Platforms
  • Thigh-highs (Changes from Off> Fishnet> Latex> Cloth on a radial slider!)


  • Tattoo Emission (Changes brightness of stripes)
  • Glitter (Change brightness)
  • Hue (Change to tattoo colour)
  • Audio Link
  • Hair White (Adjust the brightness of the white emission in the hair)
  • Hair Emission (Adjust the brightness of the coloured emission in the hair)
  • Hair Emission Hue (Change the colour of the hair emission)


  • Brightness (Adjusts brightness of the hair)
  • Color (Change the colour of the hair)
  • Saturation (Adjust the colour saturation in the hair)
  • Ears
  • Eye Colour (Adjust the colour of the eyes)
  • Black Eyes (change the whites of the eyes to black)


  • Jacket
  • Bikini Top
  • Latex Bikini (Changes the material of the bikini top and panties to latex!)
  • Suit (Changes from Off> Fishnet> Latex> Cloth on a radial slider!)
  • Left Arm (Changes Left arm glove from Off> Fishnet> Latex> Cloth on a radial slider!)
  • Right Arm (Changes Right arm glove from Off> Fishnet> Latex> Cloth on a radial slider!)

DPS: (Requires you to have THIS package to work!!)

  • Strapon (Just a basic pp with a black texture)
  • Toggles for the Coochie, Butt, Mouth, Left and Right hands Orifices.
  • Toggle Coochie (a higher quality coochie asset)


All assets are bought or acquired with the right commercial license

Rules of purchase:

  • Do NOT leak/share/Pricesplit my package
  • Do NOT upload my work to filesharing websites/piracy websites etc
  • Do NOT claim it as yours.
  • Do NOT make the model nor your edits of this model public
  • You can NOT take parts for your own commercial models
  • I am NOT held accountable for any future game updates that may break the avatar nor am I accountable to fix all issues they may cause.

If you have any issues, feel free to message me on Discord at: Lunumbra

I can also offer discounts to influencers that want to help me promote my avatar <3

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